A Figma Plugin for Design Tokens?

Updated 2 months ago
A Figma Plugin for Design Tokens?

I recently began exploring Figma's developer API to try and make a few processes a bit better at the day job.

It all started out with a problem we were facing when trying to make our hand-off for design system components a bit easier between design and engineering - so I started fumbling around with building a custom plugin to find a way to help ease that burden.

I was first inspired to venture into building a plugin after browsing other indie plugins and reading about Spotify's in-house plugins.


If you're interested in building a plugin to fix a problem on your own projects, here are a few resources I used:

What do I need to know?

If you're familiar with some basic web development, and even if you're not, building Figma Plugins is really easy - it would be helpful to know:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (Typescript helps!)
  • React (with Figplug)

Building the design token plugin

Let's start off with the flow we want the plugin to solve:


Working out some bugs, but I'll upload screenshots soon!

Thanks for reading!

I'm Ryan and I'm a product designer - currently based in Tampa, FL. If you're looking for help or would like to chat, reach out!

Have feedback?

I'd love to see if this was helpful or if there was anything I should look to update - let me know below!