Hello, I'm Ryan.👋

I'm a Digital Product Designer and gummy-eating champ 🍬.

I help build digital products and solve tough problems — focusing on UX research & testing, prototyping, visual/UI design, front-end code, and product strategy. In a previous life, I worked on the business-end of healthcare.

I currently reside in Tampa,FL, where I help simplify the home remodeling experience and help build connected, IoT experiences for homeowners at Masonite - a global manufacturer of doors.

Previously, I helped build an enterprise problem-solving platform for payments as the first product designer at Chargebacks911.

Before that, I was a healthcare analyst working on the business side of pharmaceuticals (after studying Healthcare Informatics in college) - building pricing models against demographic data, calculating quant analyses on research cost to forecast growth, investigate business decisions to launch a pharma product to market, etc. 😴.

I thrive in fast-paced, collaborative environments and am commited to being transparent in my work and process by trying to share how I think and design around small and large problems.

You can find my work on the portfolio section of my site, my open-source projects on GitHub, or even find my recent listening activity on this site.

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